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How to manually add a customer to your rewards program

Note: this information is only relevant to merchants on the Shopify, ShopifyPlus, and Bigcommerce platforms.

Smile makes it easy to add customers to your rewards program by automatically syncing all accounts created in your Shopify or Bigcommerce store to your rewards program's Customers list.

To add a new customer to your rewards program, simply create the new profile in your Shopify or Bigcommerce admin and include an email address. Any new customers will automatically be added to your rewards program the following day following Smile's nightly syncs and updates.

For a customer to be added to Smile right away - the customer would have to create an account through your online store, or make a purchase for us to receive the customer record right away.

Note: in order to gain access to their points, the customer will need to create a password using your program's launcher. Following this process, your customer can start engaging with your rewards program.

Note: If you have points from a previous rewards program that you would like to import, please create a CSV with 2 columns: email, and points, and follow the instructions in this guide: Import points with a CSV file to import your customers' points.

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