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Deactivate program

How to temporarily disable/deactivate/un-launch or re-enable a rewards program

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If you want to make changes to your rewards program privately, or simply need to deactivate for any other reason, this article will outline how you can temporarily deactivate your program. You have the option of deactivating the different components of your rewards program individually, this includes Points, Referrals, and VIP.

Each active program can be deactivated by:

  1. From your Smile dashboard, click on Programs

  2. Select the program that you would like to deactivate (or click here: Points, Referrals, or VIP)

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the program page, and click the Deactivate button

Using Points as an example - here's how to deactivate:

You can re-enable by scrolling to the top of the page associated with the program you deactivated, and clicking Activate Program.

πŸ“‹ Note: all customizations applied prior to deactivating your program will be saved to your Smile account. That means you will not need to re-customize your program after re-enabling.

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