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Cancel points redemption
Cancel points redemption

How to cancel a points redemption

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This article covers how to cancel a points redemption when a customer redeems it by accident, or if the customer happens to change their mind.

βœ… This feature is available only on the Smile Admin app and exists for merchants to use at their discretion. It is not currently possible for a customer to perform a refund from the Smile UI panel.

Cancelling a points redemption

1. First, head over to your Activity section. You will note that beside each points redemption that a customer has performed, there will now be a clickable link

Alternatively - you can go to the specific customer's profile - and find the points redemption that you'd like to reverse in the points activity section:

2. Click the link to view the reward associated with the redemption. Here, you will be able to click Refund points.

3. Upon clicking the Refund points button, the reward (i.e. coupon code) is removed from the customer's account and points are automatically returned to the customer's account, with a note that the points redemption has been canceled.

πŸ“ Note: some use cases will result in different behavior when attempting to cancel a points redemption:

1. If the reward is unused, and canceling is successful - this behavior is seen in the examples above.

2. If the reward is unused, but the original reward used to generate the coupon code no longer exists, you will not be able to cancel the redemption. A "something went wrong" error will come up. You can refund the points anyway - but the status of the reward will not be changed.

3. If the reward is unused, revoking fails initially and then succeeds. This could be due to an interruption or time out.

4. The reward has already been used. This is a use case where the customer has already used the reward they redeemed the points for. You can still refund the points the customer spent on the reward, but this will not undo any discount the customer would have received.

5. The reward is not tracked in our system. You can still refund the points, but we cannot determine whether the reward has already been used, or will be used in the future.

6. The reward has already been refunded. This is in the event that this reward has been refunded externally already. The message will display the date that the refund occurred.

πŸ“‹Note: If you are looking for how to cancel a reward from a referral generated reward, please refer to Cancel a referral instead. If you're looking for how to cancel an entry reward from a VIP tier change, please refer to Cancel a VIP reward instead.

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