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How to collect and see customer birthday information

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Personalizing your rewards program is key to boosting engagement and nothing is more personal than your customers birthdays. When you know your customers' birthdays, you have the opportunity to reward them with bonus points on their special day.

πŸ“ Pro Tip: Encourage more customers to provide their birthday by running a dedicated birthday email campaign! Check out our blog article on how this can dramatically improve your customer experience.

How your customers can enter their birthday information

In order to receive these rewards, your customers will need to provide their birthday in the Earn more section of your customer Panel.

Your program's birthday reward will show up in a list of all of the rewards your customers can earn. By clicking on the Save date button next to the reward, your program members will be prompted to enter and save their birthday. They can then Save this information to their account.

Once a customer has saved their birthday to their account, you can access this information within their customer profile in the Customers section of your Smile Admin.

πŸ“‹ Note: This is a read-only field. You cannot manually update a customer's birthday information within Smile.

πŸ“ Pro Tip: If a customer ever needs to change their date of birth, they can do it themselves the same way they originally entered it in the Birthday Reward section of your customer panel.

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