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Switching to Smile from another program
Switching to Smile from another program

How to import customer loyalty points when switching to Smile

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Thanks so much for deciding to use Smile as your rewards program! In this article we'll go over the steps needed to switch to Smile from another program. πŸš€


Obtaining a CSV export from your current rewards provider

This should be as easy as asking for your data in a CSV format. For importing purposes in Smile, you will only need to have the column headers of "email" and "points" to successfully import points to your customer accounts.

Importing your customers points with a CSV file πŸ“‚

When switching from a different program, a first thought is often "what will happen to my customers existing points?!" Thankfully, customers points can easily be imported to Smile using a CSV file.

Since Smile syncs with your platform, customers will get synced to Smile when you install it on your store. Customer accounts and Smile accounts are one and the same! As soon as a customer has signed up with an email and password, they will be a Program Member in Smile, and have the ability to earn and spend points.

Once the customers sync and you've imported points, it's time to think about launching your program!

Launching your rewards program with Smile

Launching a rewards program is a great way to boost customer engagement. In order to ensure you have a smooth launch to your program you may want to check out our handy Launch plan checklist. This checklist goes over best practices and helps you set your program up for success. (though if you want to, feel free to get creative!) ✨

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