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Customer activity - reward status explained
Customer activity - reward status explained

How to answer customer questions about reward status using the Rewards tab of the customer activity page

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Sometimes you will encounter questions around a reward’s status and if it has been used or not. This guide will walk you through how to find a specific rewards status:

  1. Go to Customers in your Smile Admin - then open the profile for the customer that you are trying to find information about a reward for.

  2. Click the Rewards tab under Activity

  3. Look at the column called Status to find out the state of the reward

A reward will have one of five states:

Pending: Smile is working on generating the reward for the customer
Failed: Smile has failed to create the reward.
Issued: The reward has been successfully given to the customer but they have either not yet used it.
Cancelled: The reward was cancelled from within Smile.
Used: The customer has redeemed the reward. Note: POS rewards will never be marked as used

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