This tutorial will go over how to redeem a customers points for a reward using the Shopify POS app (this should work for both Lite and Pro)

This tutorial is only applicable to Shopify merchants.

📋 Note:
In order for Shopify POS to work, you need to first add some POS-specific rewards. Here's how: Setup POS-specific rewards

Shopify POS Pro/Lite

If you are using the new Shopify POS Pro or Lite app, you'll want to:

Click 'Add Tile' > 'App'> 'Smile'

Select 'App Extensions'> 'Smile: Rewards & Loyalty'

After that you should see the Smile tile on your POS grid!

Once this is added you should be able to see this tile light up whenever you add a customer to the order who is a program member, and has earned enough points for a POS reward!

If you have any questions please reach out to our team at! 😄

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