With Smile, you can choose a custom domain name for your referral links. Including your brand name in your program's referral links is a fantastic way to establish brand credibility and trust with new referred customers.

Your program's original referral links will always work, regardless of the custom domain you choose to use.

✅ This feature is only available on Shopify and BigCommerce using an Enterprise plan.

📋 Note: Domain setup differs based on the domain provider you use. Issues with domain setup or suitability is not supported by Smile support.

How to add a custom referral domain

Enter the domain you'd like to use on the Settings page of your Referral program and click "Add domain".

Once you have chosen a domain you will need to point your DNS provider to the Smile Referral URL.

Add as the destination of the CNAME or ALIAS record for the domain you are connecting. This is done by logging into your DNS provider, such as GoDaddy, BlueHost, etc.

Once you have pointed your domain to Smile, click refresh status to see if the domain has been set up correctly.

When you add a custom domain all default Smile referral links will continue to work, and all links shown in your program will be changed.

Note: If you are changing from a custom domain to a custom domain, the existing custom referral URLs will no longer work. They will be replaced by your new domain URLs.

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