VIP tiers allow you to reward your most loyal customers while increasing your average customer lifetime value. You have the option of adding and removing VIP tiers from your program at any time. This article will go over the process of setting up VIP tiers as well as the customizable options that VIP tiers have.

✅ This feature is available on a Pro plan and up.


How to set up VIP tiers

Customizable options of a VIP tier

How to set up VIP tiers

📋 Note: Do not continue with this tutorial unless your VIP program has been disabled.

In the VIP Tiers section of your VIP program, click Add tier.

These fields include a tier name and the milestone your customers needs to reach in order to be admitted.

Click Create to activate your new VIP tier.

Customizable options of a VIP tier

You will now have the option of customizing the following VIP tier options:

  • Tier name

  • Tier icon

  • Entry rewards (rewarded to customer once they enter the tier)

  • Perks

Once you've saved your changes, enable your VIP program on your VIP Settings page to allow customers to see it in in your customer panel's VIP card.

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