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Add VIP perks

How to add perks to VIP tiers

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Perks help motivate your customers to move from one tier to the next in your VIP program. Perks can be any type of reward you wish to offer to your customers outside of the Smile program. This could be an early access to sales, exclusive social media group, and more!

βœ… This feature is available on the Growth plan and above that includes the VIP Program.

How to add a perk to one of your VIP tiers

In the Tiers section of your VIP program, select the tier that you'd like to edit.

Find the Perks section and click "Edit Perks".

Enter the name of your new perk and click Add.

πŸ“‹ Note: Perks are handled outside of your Smile program, so make sure it's something that you can set up within your store's promotional system

Once you've saved your changes, customers will be able to see listed as a benefit in in your customer panel's VIP program card.

πŸ“ Pro tip: Setting up base rewards such as VIP tier-specific earning conditions (i.e. double points for VIP members) is a great, ongoing way to have Smile automatically reward VIP customers

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