This article will cover the Shopify Plus Checkout Extension that is offered in Smile for merchants that are using the Shopify Plus platform on the Starter Plan or higher.

After Oct 3, 2022 all new Shopify Plus merchants can access this extension upon installation. Existing merchants must wait to be migrated to the new checkout editor, which is happening gradually. If you would like to get this feature right away - please reach out to Shopify to see if they can add the new Checkout editor to your account.

✅ This extension is currently only available in English


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout.

  2. Click Go to Checkout editor

  3. Select Add app

  4. Select points at checkout

  5. Click Save.

Full walkthrough guide

Feature set

Shopify has developed a checkout editor where merchants can drag & drop checkout customizations into their checkout.

The first iteration of our checkout extension will inform shoppers how many loyalty points they’ll earn if they complete their purchase. The goal is to increase awareness of the store’s loyalty program and incentivize the shopper to complete their purchase.

Image of the Shopify checkout extension at work. An image of a customer purchasing a wizards hat at a store for $100. The image displays a dropdown telling the customer how many points they will earn for purchasing the hat.

The checkout extension supports either fixed or variable order earning rules.

Fixed earning rules

  • Show the number of points the shopper will earn if they complete their purchase. The value doesn’t change relative to the cart total.

  • Example: if the merchant offers 500 points for placing an order, the checkout extension will only ever show 500 points.

Variable order earning rules

Shows the number of points the shopper will earn if they complete their purchase. The value changes according to the cart subtotal.

Example: if the merchant offers 5 points per $ spent and the shopper adds $100 worth of items to the cart, we will show 500 points. If the shopper adds or removes some items from the cart and then returns, the points value will increase or decrease accordingly.

Applicable Settings and Rules

  • Currently only 1 order earning rule is supported at a time. The checkout extension will hide if the number of “place an order” earning rules is 0 or >1

  • This feature is currently available in English only, even if the checkout uses a different language

  • Shipping, taxes and discounts are not factored into the points calculation

  • This extension is hidden on mobile

  • Excluded shoppers will be able to see the checkout extension

Additional features

Shopify Flow
Award bonus points for specific orders, or buying specific products using Shopify Flow.

Gift Card rewards

Gift Card rewards are useful if you'd like customers to be able to combine their rewards with a Shopify discount code.

✅ Gift Card rewards become available on our Growth Plan ($199/mo) and above.

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