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Configure free product rewards

How to set up a free product reward

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Offering free product as a reward to your customers is a great way to both give back to your most loyal program members, promote new or featured products and control your inventory.

This feature is only available on the Smile Growth plan and above

This feature is not available for the WIX platform


If you want to learn more about Smile paid plans, please visit our pricing page.

How to set up a free product reward

To add a free product reward, click the Add ways to redeem button in the top right hand corner of your program's Rewards page.

Select Free product.

Select the product by typing the exact name of the product (case-sensitive) in the field or click Browse.

Decide how many points the customer needs to spend in order to redeem the reward and enter it into the Points cost field.

Enter the maximum you want to cover for the discount in the Discount value field.

Then, click Save to save your free product spending rule.

Once the rule is created, customers will be able to redeem points for the reward.

When you cannot find the product within Smile

When setting up your Free Product Reward and you are not seeing the product in the Smile admin, please do these 2 things:

✅ The product has to have a live webpage and is searchable for customers on your website. The item will not show up in Smile if the product page is hidden.

✅ When searching for products, please use the exact full product name (case and space sensitive) - just like how it is shown on your website.

How customers redeem a free product reward

  1. A customer will select a reward from the list of available rewards and click to redeem.

  2. Once redeemed, they can click Add product to cart. This will automatically add the selected free product reward and discount to the cart for an easy checkout. 🎉

📋 Note: Free product rewards with variants are not supported in BigCommerce.

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