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  • The difference between gift cards and fixed amount discounts

Gift cards and fixed amount discounts are both excellent rewards to offer as part of your points, referral, or VIP programs, but are not interchangeable terms.

Here's a summary of the major differences between them:

Gift cards

✅ This feature is only available for Shopify Plus merchants.

  • These rewards are treated as a form of payment, just like cash or a credit card

  • You cannot add conditions to how gift cards are spent

    Example: customers cannot be required to spend over a certain amount in order to use a gift card reward

  • Customers can stack gift card rewards together and use more than one in a single purchase

    Note: this is helpful when you have an ongoing site-wide promotion, but also makes these rewards more susceptible to abuse.

📝 Pro Tip:

You can limit the chance of abuse by requiring customers to have a minimum number of points in their account in order to redeem any gift card reward.

Fixed amount discounts

  • Customers cannot redeem more than one fixed amount discount on a single purchase

    Note: this makes fixed amount discounts a fantastic program abuse prevention measure.

  • You can add conditions to how fixed amount discounts can be spent

    Example: customers can be required to spend over a certain amount in order to use a fixed amount discount.

  • These rewards cannot be used in conjunction with other onsite promotions

    Example: if you are running a site-wide promotion of 10% off, customers will need to choose between their fixed discount award and your site-wide promo - they cannot take advantage of both on a single purchase.

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