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Shopify Plus Checkout Extensions
Shopify Plus Checkout Extensions

Smile's Checkout Extension has been released for all Shopify Plus merchants - learn more about installation and operation here.

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This article will cover the Shopify Plus Checkout Extension that is offered in Smile for merchants that are using the Shopify Plus platform.

After Oct 3, 2022 all new Shopify Plus merchants can access this extension upon installation. Existing merchants must wait to be migrated to the new checkout editor, which is happening gradually. If you would like to get this feature right away - please reach out to Shopify to see if they can add the new Checkout editor to your account.

✅ The extensions are currently only available in English

✅ The extensions are only available to merchants on Shopify Plus
✅ This feature is available on the Growth plan and up

We currently offer 3 different checkout extensions:


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Checkout.

  2. Click Go to Checkout editor

  3. Select Add app

  4. Select the extension from Smile that you'd like to add (Show points customers will earn or Redeem points)

  5. Click Save.

Redeem points

This checkout extension will allow signed-in shoppers to use their points to redeem rewards during checkout.

Please note that when adding this extension, the location of the extension can be chosen from any of the eight locations in checkout - however, we recommend placing it on the left side of checkout for better visibility:

How it works:

  • Once signed in, shoppers can see their current points balance and a list of available redeeming options and their points cost. Shoppers who are not signed into their account will not be able to redeem their points.

  • By selecting the available reward, the reward will be automatically generated as a coupon code and applied to the checkout in real-time.

  • The checkout extension will automatically hide itself if the points program is deactivated, if there are no active fixed redeeming options, or the shopper is excluded.


  • We only support fixed amount ($) or percentage (%) off rewards at this time.

    • Please make sure you have at least one fixed amount or percentage off reward added to 'Program' > 'Points' > 'Ways to redeem' for the extension to appear on your checkout page

  • We do not check reward conditions, so it is technically possible for a shopper to redeem a reward that is not valid for any of the items in their cart.

  • This feature is currently available in English only, even if your checkout uses a different language.

Show points customers will earn

This checkout extension will inform shoppers how many loyalty points they’ll earn if they complete their purchase. The goal is to increase awareness of the store’s loyalty program and incentivize the shopper to complete their purchase.

The checkout extension supports either fixed or variable order earning rules.

Fixed earning rules

  • Show the number of points the shopper will earn if they complete their purchase. The value doesn’t change relative to the cart total.

  • Example: if the merchant offers 500 points for placing an order, the checkout extension will only ever show 500 points.

Variable order earning rules

  • Shows the number of points the shopper will earn if they complete their purchase. The value changes according to the cart subtotal.

  • Example: if the merchant offers 5 points per $ spent and the shopper adds $100 worth of items to the cart, we will show 500 points. If the shopper adds or removes some items from the cart and then returns, the points value will increase or decrease accordingly.


  • Currently only 1 order earning rule is supported at a time. The checkout extension will not appear if you have none or more than one active “place an order” earning rules

  • This feature is currently available in English only, even if the checkout uses a different language

  • Shipping, taxes and discounts are not factored into the points calculation

Show customers points on an order

This extension allows you to show and place the number of points earned on an order on Shopify’s thank-you page (TYP) and/or order status page (OSP).

A Shopify thank-you page is the page that comes after your customer has finalized their payment - it confirms to your customers that their purchase has been finalized and recorded. The page shows a brief thank you message that denotes your appreciation for their trust in your products.

💡A Shopify thank you page shouldn’t be the end of the line in the customer’s checkout journey – but an open-ended road to incentivizing repeat purchases. 💡

The Shopify thank-you page is also the order confirmation page or order status page, but there are two key differences:

  • it's only created once the order has finished processing on Shopify’s end

  • and, it can also be accessed by shoppers in the following ways:

👉 following a link in their order confirmation email

👉 clicking into the order from their customer account

We have built one new checkout extension which is available to merchants in Shopify’s checkout editor:

The checkout extension can be placed on both Shopify’s thank-you page and order status page. You can switch between them using the template selector at the top of the theme editor:

On Shopify’s thank-you page, we will inform the guest shopper that there is a loyalty program.

And to the program’s members that they earned points on the order.

On Shopify’s order status page, we will also inform the guest shopper that there is a loyalty program.

And to the program’s members the Show number of points earned on the order and their current points balance. The current points balance is the balance at the time the page loaded, not the points balance at the time the order was placed.

Contrary to Shopify’s menu, the order status page is not limited to stores running the new customer accounts experience.

The extension is not fixed to a specific extension point; you can use the checkout editor sidebar to adjust its position on the page.

If you placed the extension on either the thank-you page or order status page and then opt to deactivate the points program or delete all the earning rules, we will show the message in the checkout editor:

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