Rewarding customers for interacting with your brand on social media is a great way to extend your customer experience beyond the checkout process. With so many customers engaging with social media on a daily basis, it's a fantastic addition to any program. This article will cover how customers can earn points for social media actions at your store.

How customers earn points for social media actions

Smile will automatically award points to customers when they click on the option to engage with your social channels from within the Smile panel.

Image of the smile panel with ways to earn on social media: facebook, instagram, facebook, twitter

Currently, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram don't allow third-party programs like Smile to pull information from their websites, making it impossible to award social points outside of your Smile program. This means that your customers will not be rewarded for clicking the like/follow/share option on your official social media page. This program works on the honor system with your customers so it is recommended that the points you award for performing these actions align with your goals and objectives for the business and account for your store margins.

📋 Note: For the "Like on Facebook" action - please make sure that your Facebook page is set to "Fully Public" so that your customers are able to actually like it through our panel. This FAQ from Facebook has more info.

a screenshot from Facebook's FAQ page that says:

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