Set up tier-specific points earning conditions

✅ This feature is only available on a Smile paid plan. 

Here's what we're covering:

  • What base rewards are
  • How to set up points earning conditions for VIP tiers
  • Note: do not continue with this tutorial unless you are also running a points program.

    One of the easiest ways to differentiate your VIP tiers is with the number of points customers can earn at each level.  This type of reward is often referred to as a base reward and awards a different number of points per dollar spent to every VIP tier.

    If you're running a 3-tiered VIP program, your base rewards could be set up as follows:

    Entry (Tier 1) 

    1 point per dollar spent

    Middle (Tier 2)

     2 points per dollar spent

    Elite (Tier 3)5 points per dollar spent

    📝   Pro Tip:

    Don't give away too much too fast!  Make each successive VIP tier increasingly more valuable so that each tier is worth working towards.

    You can set up tier-specific earning conditions by adding a new earning rule to your Points program.

    Decide which tier you'd like to create the rule for and add a new "Place an order" action.  Choose how many points you'd like that tier's members to earn for every dollar spent and Create the rule.

    Scroll down and select the "Setup conditions that must be met to earn for this action" box to display the different conditions you can set up.

    Add a new condition and choose "VIP Tier" from the customer conditions dropdown. 

    Choose "equals" and the VIP tier you'd like the rule to apply to from the remaining dropdown menus.

    Once you've saved your changes, customers in that VIP tier will earn the number of points per dollar you've set.  

    This earning scale can be seen in the VIP benefits card of your customer Panel.

    You can set up similar rules for your additional VIP tiers in the same way.

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