Differences between perks & entry rewards

Here's what we're covering:

  • The difference between fixed and variable rewards
  • With your VIP program, you have the option to reward program members with both perks & entry rewards.

    Understanding the difference between them will help you set up our program in the best way possible for your loyal customers.

    Entry Rewards

    Entry rewards are issued to customers when they enter a new VIP tier.

    These benefits are administered directly through Smile and are predominantly transactional.  

    Note: entry rewards are only awarded the first time a customer enters a VIP tier.

    Entry Rewards include:
    • Fixed amount discount ($ off)
    • Free shipping discount
    • Percentage off discount
    • Free product at checkout

    Note: you can also reward customers with points if you're running a points program.


    Unlike fixed rewards, there is no limit to the type of perk you can provide!  Instead, they tend to be focused on enhancing the customer's overall brand experience.

    The other important difference is that perks are not administered through Smile.  If you'd like to offer perks to your customers, you will need to handle awarding those benefits outside of your Smile program.

    Perks could be:

    • 5% off every purchase
    • Special events
    • Exclusive merchandise

    📝  Pro Tip: Don't offer more than 10 combined perks and rewards per tier.  Offering too many incentives can get confusing and complicated for you to orchestrate.
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