Change the name of your rewards program

Here's what we're covering:

  • How to change the caption and title of your rewards program in the Smile Panel:
  • The first thing that your customer sees when they open your Smile Panel is the Caption and Title (Usually 'Welcome to STORE NAME'). To change this, login to your Smile account, then go to Display > Panel

    Under the Visitor tab, Click Header

    Update the Caption (Welcome to) and Title (Store/Rewards program name) as needed. Then click Save.


    You will not be able to remove the Caption or Title from the header. If left blank - the system will default to 'Welcome to' for the Caption, and name of your store for the Title. 

    📝  Pro Tip:

    If you are looking to change your currency name - please go to Points > Settings > Points Branding

    If you are looking to change your store name - please go to Settings > General > Name of Store. 

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