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Customer types explained
Customer types explained

How the members, candidates and excluded customer types are defined

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In the Customers section of Smile Admin you will see three different tabs. Each of these segments the types of customers in your program:

In this article we will explain each of the customer types within Smile.


All Customers

This list is the total number of all Members and Candidates and Excluded customers in your program.


These are the customers that are going to be able to interact with and use your loyalty program. They are defined as anyone who has a registered account on your store.

These customers can hold a points balance, refer friends, and redeem rewards.

πŸ“‹ Note - If you use Shopify POS or Shopify's new customer accounts feature - customers without accounts can become members.

  • With Shopify POS - customers can become members in Smile by simply making a purchase, as long as they have an email address associated to their customer profile.

  • With Shopify's new customer accounts feature - when customers without accounts login to their new customer account with their email and the 6 digit pin that's emailed to them - they will not be able to view the Smile panel in the accounts page. But on any other page in your site, they'll be able to view the logged in version of the panel. Once they login to the panel they should be turned into a member in Smile.

Guests (Candidates)

These are usually guest customers at your store who have not yet registered for an account. They may or may not have points balances waiting for them once they register, for example if you have imported points from another platform or loyalty program.

βœ… Only on Shopify and Wix platforms, you can use the Program Participants setting to choose which types of customers can participate in your program, including guests.

πŸ“‹ Note for BigCommerce Users: BigCommerce does not send us "Guest" customers - only customers who have created accounts in your BigCommerce store. So in your Customers page, you will only have Members and excluded customers. If you would like a customer to be synced over to Smile, be sure to get them to create an account on your store.


These are customers who have been removed from the program. Customers can be removed manually, (Remove a customer from your program) or excluded based on their tags (Exclude customer tags from your rewards program). When a customer is excluded, they will not be able to see the Smile UI and removes that customer's ability to earn and use rewards. This also removes them from counting towards the amount of members in your program.

πŸ“‹ Note for WIX Users: Smile currently only syncs WIX customers who have placed an order, as WIX's current Contacts API does not tell us if the customer is a member or not, so we're only able to get this information from actual orders that have been placed. This means that when you first install Smile - not all customers that exist in WIX will appear in Smile. However, as soon as they login to their accounts on your store, or make a purchase - they'll get synced over and earn points accordingly.

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