Program Members VS. Candidates

In Smile, there are two kinds of titles you will see appended to your customers. Program Members and Candidates.

Candidates are full of potential to become Program Members, but have not yet signed up with an email and password to join your Program. For this reason, Candidates are not able to earn points.

If you see a customer appended with the Candidate title, that means they are not in your Program yet and cannot earn points.

Candidate eligibility?

One reason your customer may not have earned points, is because they haven't signed up yet! So, if they are a Candidate making purchases, they're missing out on your program. It might be time to send out an email marketing campaign to increase awareness of the benefits of joining your program. On our Paid Plans you can even use app integrations to create a seamless experience.

What about sign up points?

Sign up points are a great way of welcoming new Program Members to your store. These points are awarded when a brand new customer signs up at your store once Smile is installed. These points are to encourage engagement with new people! Sign up points will not be awarded to existing Program Members who had accounts prior to the launch of your Rewards Program.

My customer made a purchase on my in store POS, but they didn't get points!

If you have a customer wondering why they haven't earned points on POS despite following the proper protocol, it might be worth checking out your Spending Rules section in app. In order to earn and spend on POS, you'll need POS specific points rules set up. More information on setting those up can be found here:

Order status isn't tagged as either "Paid", "Shipped", or "Completed".

In order to earn points, you need to set your Order Statuses to one of these 3 options. You can check this in your program's Shopify Settings.

I checked all of those things, and my customer still didn't earn points.

It's always best practice to take a look at your earning and spending rules and ensure that they are enabled. If a rule is disabled, then the customer will not be able to earn points for completing the action associated with that rule.

It's also worth checking to see if there are any earning conditions set up that may be unintentionally blocking your customers from earning points for that rule. This is a feature available on our paid plan.

I still need help!

We're always happy to help out. You can reach us at

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